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MR and Nitrogen Cycle

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Results Proven. Trust Built.

Trailhead Engineering is a complete solutions provider offering project management, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction services. Our focus is the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Refining industries where we have extensive experience.

Trailhead Story

The Rocky Mountains’ jagged faces cut through the terrain of the mountain west. Formed fifty million years ago, their rugged cores have withstood millennia of buffeting storms and glaciers. Peaks run from Canada to New Mexico through a variety of landscapes. They are popular attractions for climbers from across the world. Those who summit these peaks gain breathtaking views of distant vistas, but they only get there by starting at the trailhead.

Trailhead Engineering is a complete Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management services company with extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industries. Our diverse portfolio of successfully-completed projects has equipped us for nearly any engineering project. When you choose Trailhead Engineering, you’re choosing a reliable, optimized solution that will significantly bolster your company’s production.

Just as mountain hikers start at the trailhead to reach the summit, Trailhead Engineering will take your project from start to finish, in a timely, safe manner and deliver on time. Our expert engineers are ready for the challenge.

  • Founded

    In 2013, talented engineers from well-established successful companies came together to create Trailhead Engineering. Our diverse portfolio of completed projects has given us experience to complete nearly any project.

  • Complete Solutions

    Trailhead’s competitive edge comes from our complete-solutions approach to projects and ability to move quickly to meet our customer’s needs. Give us the project, and we’ll design, procure, construct, and commission the solution; for our clients, it’s easy.

  • Project Execution

    Trailhead’s strategic partnerships and multi-disciplined engineering teams allow us to take on large-capital projects. Our project managers ensure timely project delivery and retain accountability.

  • Quality and Safety

    When your engineering projects are awarded to Trailhead Engineering, expect the very best. We deliver custom optimized solutions that make a difference to your bottom line maintaining the highest safety standards.