We deliver innovative engineering solutions to individuals in the Oil and Gas industry while maintaining a rewarding environment for all, without compromising safety, quality, or our commitment to our customers.


Founded in 2013 by an experienced engineering leadership team, Trailhead Engineering has an international presence through an extensive agent network. Trailhead Engineering is a privately held LLC, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Our services are offered in conjunction with fabrication and construction services through partnerships.

Trailhead has mastered the ability to align risks and rewards with complimentary service companies to deliver complete solutions to the industry. This strategy is attractive to customers because the problematic interfaces between subcontractors have been eliminated. Additionally, the customer operates with a single point of control for all commercial and technical matters.

While Trailhead Engineering provides services on a time and material basis, we are differentiated from others by offering engineering and design on a lump-sum basis.

Trailhead’s distinguished reputation precedes itself. Through years of experience, we have built strong relationships of trust with colleagues and clients.